May 29, 2019

Crypto Mining With Raspberry Pi 3

Crypto Mining With Raspberry Pi 3
It all started when I had my first Raspberry pi 3B+, I was initially thinking to build a smart mirror using raspberry pi but later on, changed my mind to start mining cryptocurrencies. I wanted to mine cryptocurrencies just for fun but then I have purchased 3 more raspberry Pi 3B+  and stared my small crypto mining rig.

Things needed to build Raspberry Pi 3B+ cryptocurrency mining rig:

  1. 4 Raspberry Pi 3b+
  2. 4 Memory Card ( > 8Gb)
  3. 4 Micro USB power cables
  4. 4 Ethernet cables or WIFI
  5. Chosen Cryptocurrency (make sure it can be minned using CPU)
  6. Crypto Mining Pool Account
  7. Raspbian and Docker Installed on all raspberry Pi s
  8. Docker SWARM cluster